Investments and strategic consulting company specialized in beverage, technology and energy sector.


Beverage sector

VictorG Beverage project (VBP) is focused on growing alcohol beverage market in Asia and in particular India.

Currently VBP is creating supply chain for Vodka, beer beverages in India. The project has lead to investments in the company Black Bison ltd. ( giving access to Vodka and Beer production facilities in Poland and a supply distribution channels in India.

Technology sector

VictorG Technology projects (VTP) are  focused on technology companies in CEE. We believe in the potential of  CEE technology sector, and we seek to unleash that potential through our investments. We understand the market and challenges for technology entrepreneurs doing business in the region. By leveraging the experience and relationships of VTPs core team, global network, we are uniquely positioned to help outstanding entrepreneurs and their companies achieve their true potential and create lasting value.

We invest in a number of sectors  where technology is changing the rules of business, opening the field to new entrants

  • Navigation systems
  • Enterprise Application Software
  • Information Security
  • Enabling Technologies

Energy sector

VictorG Energy project ( VEP) is focused on  working on energy efficiency and renewable energies in CEE. The activities refer to production and supply of solid biomass for heat and Electricity generation.

1. Wood Briquettes (blocks of sawdust, apricot skins etc.) are ecologically clear solid fuel made from pure wood sawdust. Briquettes are made under high pressure, so they consists no binder material. Can be used for solid fuel burners, heating systems etc.

Results of test for wood briquettes:

  • Moisture of operative fuel (Wd) - 4.6%
  • Ash of absolutely dry mass (As) - 0.2%
    Amount of sulphur (S) - 0.01%
  • Heat value of absolutely dry mass (Q) - 20370 kJ/kg (4870 kkal/kg)
  • Lower heat value of operative fuel (Q) - 18810 kJ/kg (4490 kkal/kg)

2. Premium grade wood pellets

Premium grade wood pellets are produced from pure wood only, with no contaminants, such as plywood or chipboard glues. The available diameters are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm; fraction lenght from 0,5 to 3cm.

Wood Pellets goes to clients in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and United Kingdom

Results of test for wood pellets at burning laboratory:

In each of our investment sectors, we've developed deep domain knowledge on both a local and international scale. This enables us to take an expert approach to prospecting and to working with our portfolio companies to build shareholder value. We always emphasize quality over quantity, and strive to work actively with each company to ensure that we are able to support the management team and add significant value over the long term.